Great to see the progress that my son and husband are making in their lessons!!!

Leslie Adams
Decatur, IL

“Great school to attend. Helped me to get beyond mental blocks as well as correct mechanics and took my years of bad habits and helped me to get rid of them.”

Chris Loberg
Lewistown, MT

“I’ve never had any pool lessons before so I didn’t know what to expect going to CueSport Billiard Academy. You will definitely learn a lot. KJ will make sure you know the things you need to work on to improve before you leave the academy. I thought it was a great course and I believe I will be sending the wife up there in the near future so she can start improving to.”

Mark Davis
Schuyler, NE

“Before coming to CueSport Billiard Academy, I had been to other advertised pool schools as in Texas and Wisconsin. They are unfortunately pale in comparison, by their lack of knowledge to the ‘unknown’ by them and of the masses. I say this not to criticize but to enlighten, as I have been. Mr. Fechter uses an alternative and holistic approach in teaching by which he incorporates the mind, body, and spirit into the flow of each total individual. I would highly recommend CueSport Billiard Academy to anyone who wishes to learn and improve faster into the discipline of pool totally. I most definitely foresee that CueSport Billiard Academy’s transformational methods will be for the betterment of all cueist into the future. No question about it!”

Donald R. Barany, P.H.D.
Chicago, IL

“My pearl of wisdom was to find CueSport Billiard Academy! They have Hall of Fame players and instructors. These are the individuals that we will learn to shoot pool better in less time! I did!”

James Fox
St. Louis, MO

“I started playing pool over 35 years ago when women were definitely an exception. My father owned a ‘high-action’ pool room on the circuit road. I have met and played some of the greatest players that ever stroked a cue in that era of time. It was there that Mr. Fechter began formally instructing me. I was amazed by how much there is to learn. Mr. Fechter is a very effective billiard instructor. He used a multi-sensory approach which enabled me to not only absorb, but to apply the knowledge gained. He delivers a positive impact.”

Mary Burns
Arenzville, IL

“In 2002, at the beautiful age of 73; my loving daughters took me to several reputable medical doctors who diagnosed me with Alzheimer’s. The good doctors at this time all had agreed and confirmed to my family that due to my rapid declining condition, my state of being would be reduced to a vegetable state within one year. This can be a horrible outlook on life for anyone. Having faced many obstacles in my life has made me a very strong individual. I refused to quit living. Three months after the medical doctors tests and analysis, I enrolled in the guided Alzheimer’s Therapy classes at CueSport Billiard Academy. I also discontinued all the good medical doctors prescribed medication shortly thereafter. As it is now, six wonderful years later in 2008; my mind and health condition is very sound and I am still maintaining a self-reliant and self-sufficient state of being. My family, doctors and friends also remark that they see my quick alertness and awareness is even better than it was in 2002.”

Dorothy Hart
Peoria, IL

“Mr. Fechter’s vast knowledge of the sport and its fundamentals was a big help to me. I wish I had gone to Mr. Fechter when I first started playing pool. I’d be giving Johnny Archer a run for his money today! Would definitely recommend Mr. Fechter to anyone who wanted pool lessons like me!”

Michael S. Green
Peoria, IL

“I have taken pool and billiard lessons from many world champion cueist over the past 25 years. CueSport Billiard Academy has taught me most of what I know in 3-cushion billiards and pool. Their stroke teaching techniques are the best.”

Jeannie Vogelsang
Decatur, IL

“As a continuous student of CueSport Billiard Academy, it is with great gratitude that I continue to receive from each authentic individual, the points of awareness to the infinity of the creative mind, imparted through inspired wisdom and the ability to instill courage with the awareness that knowing can come only from not knowing.”

Fredric Fechter
Peoria, IL

“When I first came to CueSport Billiard Academy, I was one of the worst players around. I have since become one of the better players in the area and have learned so much more than just how to improve my pool game.”

KJ Williams
Peoria, IL

“I think of you guys (Fred/KJ) often and just wanted to say hi and that you have a great pool school! My game has improved greatly since attending and everybody notices it. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to come back and learn more from you guys. Hope to see you soon!”

Blake Faulkenberry
Jonesboro, AR

“CueSport Billiard Academy’s teaching of the great game of pool was outstanding! My billiard lessons were given by a dedicated and committed individual who showed me a side of pool that I was never aware of. Super!”

Anthony Thornton
Lima, OH

“CueSport Billiard Academy should write a book on their teaching techniques! Their approach is so new and dynamic. It is a must for the serious player! I will be back for more.”

Porfirio Domingues
Mexicali, Mexico

“CueSport Billiard Academy teaches in a very professional way so that each student understands and benefits. Gives very good value for the money.”

William Faulkner M.D.
Seattle, WA

“I have played and taken pool instruction from many professionals in over 45 years and have attended other pool schools. Fred Fechter’s teaching was, by far, the best and worth every dime!”

John Printz
Marysville, Ohio

“I was impressed and liked CueSport Billiard Academy because they do not use a rubber stamp teaching program as so many other pool schools do! They consider the talent, ability, and skill level of each individual.”

Larry Custer
Washington, IL

“The CueSport Billiard Academy Workshop Courses I took was worth every dollar spent. It surpassed all my expectations! The visualization skills, banking systems, and stroking techniques were great! My improvement has been more than I had hoped for in years. I will be back for more!”

Terry Elkins
Michigan City, ID

“I have taken pool lessons at CueSport Billiard Academy and consider myself lucky as a player and competitor that they are so near to help me with my game. They always know where I am at in ability and skill level and always taught what would improve my individual game.”

Jineane Mallory
Peoria, IL

“CueSport Billiard Academy does an outstanding job in teaching! They corrected my ‘bad habits’ through excellent ‘people’ skills, by placing themselves at the same level as the student. Most noted was the considerable experience and knowledge that all the pool instructors display. Their visualization and stroke teaching techniques have already improved my game.”

Bill DeVoe
Moores Hill, IN

“CueSport Billiard Academy’s strong point is having right knowledge and incorporating all aspects together. As a result, you can see what you can become. I recommend them highly!”

George Parulas
Wellsboro, PA

“CueSport Billiard Academy is heaven that transforms one completely! Their awakening energy flow is the Devine best for finding excellence!”

Dee Dee Jones
Pleasantville, NJ

“Fred is the greatest!”

Joy Helton
Ph. 937-238-6545
Centerville, OH

“I’m thankful there is one pool school that teaches a student to discover their own talent! I would absolutely and highly recommend anyone to go to CueSport Billiard Academy.”

Kevin Moore
Moberly, MO

“Mr. Fechter, I am writing this letter to tell you about the success I have had since becoming a CueSport Instructor. After spending time with you, my game took off to a new level. It took three months, but since then I won “9 ball player of the year” in a local Valley nine ball league. I am now in the process of setting up a billiard program at the University of Toledo. Thank you for all of the time and advice. You helped speed up the learning curve 30 times faster than I could do myself.”

Craig Fall
Erie, MI

“My biggest regret was not coming to CueSport Billiard Academy sooner! Their instruction into a new perception of aiming has tremendously increased my skill ability, awareness, and confidence. Their billiard instruction was absolutely unique, new, and enjoyable. It would be my pleasure to recommend CueSport Billiard Academy to anyone, especially well advanced players, who really do wish to learn “new” discoveries and improve.”

Charles Davis
Pana, IL

“I had attended other well known and advertised pool schools before finding CueSport Billiard Academy. Those other pool schools literally tore my (30+ years) game apart. They insisted with all their fancy pool instructor titles and academy degrees that they knew the only and best style to play pool. This did not make sense, for none of them could play a lick. Lesson #1… Do not go to a pool instructor that cannot demonstrate ‘how to play and teach by example’. The woods are full of them… be careful! I have found CueSport Billiard Academy instructors to be very well skilled and will play anyone to help build correct fundamentals as you are. I have now attended CueSport Billiard Academy several times, and every time I have found improvement in my skill level and overall game. This is rewarding! I wish to highly recommend CueSport Billiard Academy and all of their instructors to well advanced and professional players.”

Bill Hawkins
Danville, IN


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