CueSport Instructors

Master Instructors – Level 4 ACS Certification

Fredric “Teacher” Fechter – ACS, BCA, CIIA & PBIA  Master Instructor

“Billiards is a path of passion that cares the soul.”

Fredric Fechter became a professional player to the full support of his family in the 50’s & 60’s “Pool Era” of his lifetime. For 60 years, Fredric has enjoyed playing and/or teaching pool as his livelihood. In over 6 decades he has met, played and been guided by many World Champions. In 1963, he was the inspired founder of CueSport Billiard Academy, the first professional pool school in the world, known then and now. Fredric was recognized by the Billiard Congress of America in 1992 for his cueing/teaching talents, experience, knowledge, leadership and achievements. The PBIA (Formerly BCA) elected him in 1992, as one of the first 5 founding BCA Master Instructors in the world to help establish recognition in the sports first industry sponsored program. He resigned in 2002 from that position. Fredric accepted the honorary position of ACS Master Instructor in 2006. Some of his tournament championships in retired later years have included the 1965 Peoria All-Around Open, 1979 Illinois State 9 Ball Open and 1981 Greater Peoria 14:1 Open. Fredric is a very happy Great Grandfather enjoying cuesports, family and life.

On November 25th of 2011, a tragic fire destroyed CueSport College, in which he had built from the ground up since 1963. Fredric helped KJ to continue on with his teachings by rebuilding CueSport Billiard Academy.

KJ Williams – ACS & CIIA Master Instructor

Professional instructor working with players from beginner to professional for 20 years…

Trained for nearly 20 years at CueSport Billiard Academy under Fredric Fechter

Having spent time with other instructors around the globe, KJ admits that not one of them compared to the quality of instruction, attention to detail or depth of knowledge that he had witnessed Mr. Fechter employ in his lessons with so many different students of all skill abilities. Fredric is a staple in the world of top notch professional instruction, but KJ has dedicated his time to continue to pass on Mr. Fechter’s teachings to every student in addition to his own style he has developed throughout many years of experience and study of cuesports.

Eventually after working my way up the ladder all of those years, KJ also reached the certification of Master Instructor or Level 4.  As a licensed PAT examiner, he also helps to certify others to become ACS instructors.  The president of the ACS, John Lewis, also asked Mr. Williams to sit on the Instructor Committee for the ACS to help maintain the growth and stability of the instructor program.