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Professional Players

bio picSarah Rousey

Sarah is a professional player who has climbed as high as 8th in the WPBA tour rankings.  She was the WPBA rookie of the year in 2003 and has consistently been ranked in the top 32 since her debut.  Sarah started out at a very early age and became the BCA Junior National 9-ball Champion in 2000.  Her love for the junior programs in billiards runs very deep as she competed in the Jr Nationals for 9 years and continues to enjoy giving back to the BEF and other youth billiard programs today. She has represented the U.S. in numerous WPA world events, including 2009 Amway Cup (Taipai, Taiwan), World 9-Ball Championships (Shenyang, China), China Open (Shanghai, China), Women’s World 10-Ball (Manila, Philippines) and in 2010 Amway Cup (Taipai, Taiwan), World 9-Ball Championships (Shenyang, China) and the China Open (Shanghai, China).  Sarah is know for her heart both on and off the table and goes by the nickname “Heartbreaker”.

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Semi-Pro Players


10480996_10202679542411757_5916393241351760761_nMichael Verkruyse

Michael is a semi-pro that recently represented the USA at the World 14.1 Straight Pool Tournament. He is an active touring player on the Midwest circuit and travels with 8 time World Champion Nick Varner.  He has a fundamentally strong game and is constantly improving. His love for the game and passion to benefit our sport has gone a long way in assisting the US Mosconi Cup team and Junior APA leagues in Champaign, IL. Michael’s goal is to continue to climb the ranks, train hard and reach the professional level soon.

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10863778_978237278868313_633066198270083294_oKelly Isaac

Kelly is a semi-pro player that recently played in the 2014 Women’s International Pool Championship in New York. She also won the 2014 8 Ball & 9 Ball BCA National Championships in the Women’s division. Kelly loves travelling around to tour and compete in various tournaments with fellow professional players. She is well on her way to becoming a WPBA professional player.

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Junior Players


9976_1486450778302818_5650641084672421253_nJosh Franklin

Josh is an up and coming young pool player that recently took 5th place in the 2014 BEF Junior National Championships. He has won many local events and is on his way to becoming a solid semi-pro player. His eagerness to improve and pool etiquette will indeed make it easier for Jos to reach the next level and beyond!

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10349093_820847997940085_9168587896470558571_nSerena Black

Serena is an aspiring teenage player and writer who is eager to make an impact on the pool industry with a smooth stroke and professionalism.  Her game has climbed tremendously in a very short period of time. After high school, she is planning to attend Lindenwood University with a Billiards scholarship.

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DSC_4087Colton Adams

Colton is a proud member of the APA and ACS pool leagues. He has competed in two national events and continually works to improve his game. His hope is to one day become an billiard instructor and also help others to achieve their goals in pool. He has the heart of a lion and an immense amount of respect for the game and his competition.

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10302635_1517776885175655_5474065070941689957_nTimmy Bly

Timmy is a young player that actively plays in Junior league and tournaments and wants more than anything to become a professional player one day.  His extreme passion and dedication to his game has recently earned him a 2nd place finish at the APA Junior Nationals and he certainly plans to improve upon that next year. Timmy is a young gun on his way up and surely one to watch out for.

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10149828_895584333806074_7435654803133231983_nZach Johnson

Zach has been playing for over 10 years and hopes to one day become a professional player and also inspire others to follow their dreams. He finished 3rd in the Midwest Junior Championships and is hungry for 1st next time out. Zach is also planning on competing in the Illinois State BEF Junior 9 Ball Championships. His killer instinct on the table and professional training should take him far toward reaching his goals.

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WP_20150304_003Joshua Goodknight

Josh has only been playing pool for 3 years and has already become a dominant force in his local junior leagues and even when playing adults in his area. He has travelled all over the country with his parents and friends of the Quad Cities Sharky’s Kids team playing and winning in junior and open field events. With Josh’s deep hunger to improve and show everyone what lies beneath, we look forward to working with and watching him grow into a serious competitor.

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zachZach Lafferty

Zach has been playing pool most of his life for the past 10 years. He has played in the 2014 BEF Junior Nationals and plans to return in 2015 and improve upon his last showing. He is a good student and active high school athlete in basketball and track.  Zach enjoys meeting new people during his travels and is the type of polite and respectful young man that can help change the image of CueSports into a much more professional and respected sport.

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jaylen_bioJaylen Hentz

At 9 years old, Jaylen is one of our youngest players and her excitement is contagious both on and off the table.  She is a good student, eager to learn and improve and this dedication will carry her far in the billiard world.  She is looking forward to playing in the upcoming BEF Junior 9 Ball Championships, which will be her first time in the competitive field.  Jaylen enjoys school and receives good grades.  She is also in Tae Kwon Do and is actively working on her next belt. We expect to see many good things from her in the near future.

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11188397_10206682026027994_3651753694923518716_nKindra Hurlbert

For the past 6 years, Kindra has been climbing the ranks in the world of billiards in both junior and adult leagues and tournaments.  She recently took 2nd place in the Indiana Jr. State BEF 9 Ball Championships and is on her way to the BEF Junior Nationals where she has her sights set on making it to Worlds.  She aspires to be a professional player and role model for other junior players hoping to follow in her footsteps.  Kindra embodies the type of character that strives to embrace all of the mental, physical and personal challenges on her road to the top of the pool world with a big smile and heart of gold.

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IMG_6644Brandon Roady

For only the past year, Brandon has been learning, playing, practicing and improving his game and love of billiards.  So much so, that he walked into his first major competitive tournament at the BEF Illinois State Junior 9 Ball Championships and came out on top of the Boys 14 & Under field in 1st place! He is very active in other sports at his high school including baseball and track. His passion for the game pushes him to want to achieve his goal of one day reaching the skill level of a professional player. He exhibits terrific sportsmanship and is very kind to his opponents win or lose. His broad experience with other sports has developed him into an extremely coachable player. With as fast as Brandon picks things up and as much dedication he has to his game, we look for him to become a surprisingly dominant force among the Juniors for many years to come.

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