1) What will I gain coming to CueSport Billiard Academy?

Since 1963, we have discovered numerous tools of right knowledge or ‘pool secrets’ not to be found anywhere else. These ‘pool secrets’ of great invaluable benefit to you are not found in any pool book, article or video ever produced. Give yourself a test on how well you know pool or yourself. Ask yourself, do I have the proper foundation into all the basic fundamentals, which is needed to understand how to progressively increase my skill ability. Do I have a true and valid ‘cornerstone base’ that precedes and underlie all understanding in basic fundamentals of stance, alignment, aiming, stroke, etc… The answer to this one ‘secret’ has led all sincere seekers to become better. Anyone with a thirst for understanding who comes to CueSport Billiard Academy will receive gainful fulfillment in becoming better. We guarantee it!

2) Do you offer any type of follow-up coaching or assistance after I go back home?

We most certainly do offer follow-up coaching advice and help to all students after they have left CBA and gone back home.  To our instructors, absolutely NOTHING is more important than your continued skill improvement.  We want to help you ‘stay on track’ with your training immediately after you have left, as it is the most important to practice while still fresh in your mind. Your instructors will assist you via e-mail, telephone, text or social media to answer your questions. We also have Skype training sessions available, but only to those whom have already been training at CBA in person.

3) Upon coming to CueSport Billiard Academy, will my skill level be determined and how is this accomplished?

Yes.  No matter what skill ability you list on your enrollment application, it will be arranged for you to undergo video and 3D analysis to be able to design a more accurate training curriculum for exactly what you need as an individual to take your game to the next level.  Also, many specifically designed drills found only at CueSport Billiard Academy are used to reveal to each student’s own understanding, their strengths and weaknesses. When a student can see this with their own eyes on video/mirrors and hearing the meaning of each part being clarified, they see and feel becoming better immediately… with all the comfort and confidence of the planned curriculum and practice to follow.

4) How long has CueSport Billiard Academy been teaching the art, Joy and discipline of pool and billiards?

For over 50 years; and everyone has improved greatly by understanding and skill. How much is it worth to you to know… how to play… better and better… in one lifetime! ‘A pearl of great price’, to a pool player.

5) Do you offer individual (1 on 1) instruction?

Definitely Yes! We provide the best professional one on one individual billiard training with anyone coming to CueSport Billiard Academy. Those individuals requesting group instruction will receive discounted group rates.

6) Will you try to change my entire game?

Our method of teaching begins with a valid ‘cornerstone base’ into all the core fundamentals of pool. You are assured in new awareness of a solid and proper foundation that is fundamentally correct. All efforts thereafter will be targeted on specific areas for skill improvement and performance.

7) How much improvement can I expect after attending CueSport Billiard Academy?

All players will see significant improvement immediately. Most pool league players will improve one or more handicap level(s) within 3 months… Improvement depends on how committed you are. All players including semi-professional and professional players have all improved greatly from our help and guidance.

8) What types of course packages do you offer and how much do they cost?

We offer Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze packages. The Platinum and Gold packages are for private 1 on 1 instruction and the others are if you are attending with a group.

9) Do you accept all levels?

Yes. We have students from complete beginners to professional players from all over the world.

10) How do I know which skill level or course that I am supposed to sign up for?

We do not request a student to sign up for any specific level of instruction based upon ability. Each class at CueSport Billiard Academy is individually tailored at the time for each student’s immediate needs to improve their game and skill ability. Instructional content is directed moment by moment per the students present level of awareness and skill. For over 50 years, we have offered all levels of billiard instruction. The only choices each student has is split between individual and group instruction. The Platinum and Gold Packages allow the most 1-on-1 time with teacher and student.

11) My wife, sister and myself would very much like to attend CueSport Billiard Academy. My sister is a beginner, my wife is considered an intermediate and myself an advanced level player. Is it possible to attend a group class together or are there separate classes for our different skill abilities?

We encourage each of you to attend the same instructional course with one another. Our billiard classes are constructed to address the needs of all levels of mixed skill abilities. For over 50 years, we have always guaranteed to fulfill everyone’s necessary needs that attend CueSport Billiard Academy! The Deluxe Package (1 on 1 instruction) allows more individual time to deepen and heighten the awareness of our necessary needs.

12) What are the normal teaching hours and times?

Our normal classes run 8 hours per day with lunch break in between, starting at either 9-5pm or 10-6pm.

13) What is the privacy policy regarding all students, which definitely includes professional players?

We honor each players legitimate rights to privacy. We do not trespass by unpermitted advertising upon our students, unless they are sponsored players. If a student chooses to endorse CueSport Billiard Academy we appreciate the recommendation. We do not make that choice for you.

14) How many students are normally in a Team/Group training course?

Generally there are 3 to 8 students involved. We do hold several prescheduled Group Clinics at CueSport Billiard Academy in addition to setting up new Clinics in your area with 10+ players. In consideration of cost efficiency you may have a choice of your team receiving pool instruction with a CueSport Instructor(s) coming to you.

15) Can I give CueSport instruction as a gift?

Certainly! It is the perfect gift for an avid pool player. They will love it! We offer Gift Certificates for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

16) Can someone attend who has never played pool?

Absolutely!!! We recommend it! … This is a very important time to receive proper professional billiard instruction. Choose your pool and billiard school of thought very carefully! At CueSport Billiard Academy, you will find a most valuable ‘cornerstone base’ into the correct fundamentals of pool. This is guaranteed!

17) My league team is going to compete in the Nationals in Las Vegas. Can we as a team take lessons as a group?

Yes. We can custom cater group sessions taught by pool league specialists experienced in local and national pool tournament competition. Our pool league specialist will help you prepare for the type of competition you will play in along with advice on team strategies, matching up, safety play, preparation drills and so much more!

18) Do you offer video analysis?

Yes, if needed we will use video analysis to help you recognize necessary improvements along with building confidence on your strengths.

19) Do you teach the 2-7-2 method of shooting and the (4) strokes of pool?

Yes and No. We teach everyone to UNDERSTAND what the MANY strokes of pool and methods of shooting consist of in practical principle. Fredric Fechter, the founder of CueSport Billiard Academy; had the great pleasure many years ago of working with Johnny Holiday about the (4) strokes of pool and the 2-7-2 shooting method in Holiday’s (3) books beginning in 1973. Johnny Holiday was a great ‘unknown’ Champion player. For over 40 years, most all great players were ‘unknown’ in his time. Sadly, other instructors in 2001 have unscrupulously copied Johnny Holiday’s original concepts from his books, leading many readers and students from the beneficial truth as to their original beginning, intentions and further purpose of benefit or non-benefit.

20) It appears a teaching concept among newer instructors is the SPF (SET-PAUSE-FINISH) method. Do you teach this stroking method?

For many years, we have had all our sincere students discover with proven evidence what the ‘TRUE MEANING’ this method does fully consist of. All the student’s remark that knowing this ‘true meaning’ is absolutely a great benefit to everyone’s game and this information cannot be found ANYWHERE else! This is a valid fact with even those students coming from other instructors and pool schools. Even with expert and professional playing students who do employ such methods, they have all discovered at CueSport Billiard Academy of now being ‘aware’ of its full meaning. As a wise individual once remarked, “If we understand ‘what’, we will know ‘how”.

21) “A whippy wrist action is absolutely nesessary to a good stroke”. This was recently mentioned by current top ranked professional pool players. Are they correct and what do they mean?

When you come to CueSport Billiard Academy for training, it is guaranteed you will receive and completely realize the TRUE MEANING to your question. We have also found that no one has ever written or expressed the true meaning to this professional remark and your question in any book, article, video or by internet instructors.

22) What do I need to bring with me?

An open mind and positive attitude towards improving your game. If you do not own a pool cue, we will provide one for you.

23) Is CueSport Billiard Academy open to the public?

CueSport Billiard Academy is available by appointment only. We strive to give our students the privacy of individualized attention we are known for.

24) What days can I attend CueSport Billiard Academy?

Any days you or your team would like to choose, we only need to receive enrollment form(s) and deposit 1 month prior to attending. It’s that easy!!!

25) Who provides or selects my hotel accommodations?

We will handle your reservations at the Quality Inn & Suites located right in the center of town.  Our students receive a 33% discount for all bookings made through CueSport Billiard Academy.

26) Does CueSport Billiard Academy offer cash discounts to Seniors, Veterans, Juniors, pool league members or returning students, etc?

Yes, we do! All Seniors 55 & over, all Veterans, Females, Juniors 18 & under, pool league members and all referred students by other students or sponsors do qualify for a 5% discount on the Platinum or Gold Course Packages. Also, every returning CueSport Billiard Academy sincere-seeker will automatically receive a 30% discount on all returned instructional visits with the same CueSport Billiard Academy staff instructor.

27) What are the guidelines and conditions for all paid deposits to confirm student enrollment?

Please click here to view All Paid Deposits Guidelines and Conditions

28) What is this guarantee that you talk about throughout the website?

Our advertised money back guarantee is absolutely honored to anyone who does not improve with knowledge of new principles or in skill ability while attending CueSport Billiard Academy.

29) Will you provide references? Yes, here are a few…

– It was a great experience and I am so glad I found your pool school on the internet. Thank you KJ for correcting my unique problem quickly. (Jim S. – CA)

– My handicap has went from a SL 4 to a 6. I have been MVP 2 sessions in a row. And I am going to compete in the A.P.A. Singles Nationals. All of which I can directly link to my attendance with Fredric Fechter. (Eric C. – IL)

– This experience exceeded my expectations and was extremely rewarding. (Tom S. – IN)

– After my return home there were several firsts: 1. First time I ever ran 3 full racks of 9-ball consecutively 2. First time I held an opponent on the hill to come back and WIN the match ! Very professional, great job of pool instruction. (Charles K. – PA)

– The instructors were great communicators and met my needs instead of following a “canned” approach, as other pool schools do. (Randy R. – NY)

– Fred is a very talented player and he also has the gift of being able to reach out to all skill levels and help things make sense. I had never attended any type of pool school before and was not sure what to expect. I don’t think I could have imagined I would learn so much! I will be recommending your class to everyone I know. (Bill T. – IL)

– My biggest regret was not coming to CueSport Billiard Academy sooner! Fredric Fechter’s instruction into new perceptions of aiming has tremendously increased my skill ability, awareness, and confidence. Their billiard instruction was absolutely unique, new and enjoyable. It would be my pleasure to recommend CueSport Billiard Academy to anyone, especially well advanced players, who really do wish to learn “new” discoveries and improve. (Charles D. – IL)

– I wish to highly recommend CueSport Billiard Academy and all of their instructors to well advanced and professional players