Welcome To CueSport Billiard Academy. We are dedicated to the promotion and education of all wholesome aspects within the pool and billiards industry. CBA provides continued training and mentoring to an audience of students ranging from the player just starting out to top ranked professionals.

Our goal is to help you achieve the desired results for improving your pool game. Top notch experienced teaching professionals will help you recognize the needed areas of improvement and make the adjustments. We will capitalize on skills and talents you already possess.

Our Teaching Concept

Our staff is truly dedicated to the well-being and improvement of your pool game. We believe in individuality based on the knowlege of no two players being exactly alike, nor is one method of individualized pool instruction equally effective for all types of players. That is why you are taught according to your own unique learning characteristics and capabilities. You will become aware and learn of a total new concept of true core fundamentals, not to be found or taught anywhere else. Discovering this valid foundation will guarantee you to understand more fully the principles of basic fundamentals and individual components to achieve your best play much faster and more consistently. We teach winners to win more often. 

What is the Difference

We are definitely the oldest pool school known in professional teaching of the cueing arts.

The history of CueSport Billiard Academy in the professional teaching of the cueing arts extends back over 50 years.  We have had the honor helping in the creation of many World Champions that has greatly developed our own incomparable teaching process, not to be found anywhere else. Our unique teaching begins at the center of the essence and heart of the matter. Then expanding clarity of perception with realization and understanding of many new and unknown true principles. Last but most important, it becomes a beautiful art by inspired and heightened physical attributes of each unique individual. Our teaching has never been described or published in likeness at any place or in any book. Each student regardless of skill ability, will certainty find total new concepts and a satisfied learning experience at CBA.   Our teaching maximizes immediate and long term improvement!

This is no cookie cutter mass training program. Each individual is unique… every instructional session “is” unique to both student and teacher.





Privacy Policy

CueSport Billiard Academy will maintain a definite respect of private pool/billiard instruction lessons and training. We honor these legitimate privacy rights for all of our students. It is not right for anyone to claim or advertise on any students accomplishments, unless the students themselves give permission to refer to others.